Sandra Jones, DNP APN CPNPNurse Practitioner Navigator

Dr. Sandra Jones has over 30 years of nursing and research experience caring for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults living with HIV and cancer. She has implemented various multinetwork clinical research trials that have led to the approval of many HIV treatment regimens and oncology clinical research trials that have improved cure rates for pediatric leukemia and lymphoma. For over 15 years she has participated as an elected member on international and local community advisory boards, including an executive leadership group, which led to the dissemination of knowledge regarding HIV and clinical research trials. This, in turn promoted advocacy and empowerment to those infected with and affected by HIV.

As a result of her passion for adolescents and young adults, health literacy, and education, Dr. Jones has supervised and mentored nurse practitioners, oriented students, fellows, and international visitors, and trained colleagues on adolescent to adult health care transition. She also developed a quality improvement initiative to incorporate a transition readiness assessment tool into clinical practice to enhance transition readiness in the adolescent and young adult population. She continues to promote advocacy in young adults in the area of adolescent to adult health care transition through research and clinical care in the area of oncology. She has been instrumental in initiating transition healthcare services, for adolescent and young adults who have completed therapy for leukemia/lymphoma, to include initiating transition readiness assessments, providing education on cancer, treatment, and late effects, and providing anticipatory guidance. In addition, Dr. Jones led the development of an adolescent to young adult curriculum for healthcare transition, education, intervention, and anticipatory guidance for oncology patients. She continues to use her skills in leadership and education to explore continual integration of adolescent to adult healthcare transition throughout the cancer trajectory in hopes of improving the quality of life of survivors.