Precision Health Care: Pharmacogenetics and Next Generation Sequencing Through the Lens of Pediatric Oncology (216)

2:30 – 3:30 pm Thursday, September 3

Newly diagnosed patients and their families are offered numerous genetic and genomic testing options including predictive and diagnostic screening. Screening provides guidance for inpatient care based on patient classification, medication management, disease susceptibility, and potential understanding of disease etiology.

This presentation will describe genetic and genomic precision health care, including considerations specific to pharmacogenetics and next-generation sequencing through the lens of pediatric oncology. Nurses should understand patient and family preferences in education, the return of results, and expectations with testing. This session will describe my research findings, specifically the process of consenting, the parental reaction to testing and test results, factors associated with testing refusal, as well as the confidence of physicians and nurses when disseminating results. Within the vastly changing care environment, nurses must promote the potential benefit of testing, while respecting the patient and family decision-making process. The nurse should understand the interaction of genetic/genomic testing and the patient’s individual environment, family, and lifestyle. We as nurses must take responsibility in supporting the well-being of our patients and families while fostering new knowledge.

Belinda Mandrell, PhD RN CPNP
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