Paper & Poster Abstracts

conference session1Paper & Poster Abstracts

Paper presentations are 20-minute (including Q&A) conference sessions where presenters may share the results of their research or clinical practice and education projects on topics relevant to pediatric hematology/oncology nursing. The overall goal for paper sessions is to 1) identify original and innovative ideas relevant to pediatric hematology/oncology nursing, and 2) discuss the results of the studies or projects and how they can be applied to pediatric hematology/oncology nursing practice.

Poster Presentations

Posters will be mounted on 4'x 7' boards provided by APHON and available for viewing in the exhibit area throughout scheduled exhibit hours. The conference objective for the poster session is to provide new information that can be applied to pediatric hematology/oncology nursing practice. Prizes (first, second, third, and People's Choice) will be awarded on-site for top-rated posters as determined by a panel of reviewers.

Paper Presentations

Paper abstracts will only be considered if the project is complete. Poster abstracts will be considered if the work is in progress – i.e. data collection for a study is in progress or the education/practice project has been initiated. Abstracts for studies or projects that are in progress must also address the proposed analysis/evaluation plan.

Paper and poster abstracts must be 500 words or less (inclusive of sections 2, 3, 4, and 5) and address each of the areas below.

Section 1: Title

Submission titles are case sensitive and must NOT be all lower case and NOT all upper case (20 max).

Section 2: Basis of inquiry

Identify the problem and rationale for the chosen direction or approach.

Section 3: Purpose/Objectives

May be program goals, research question, hypothesis(es).

Section 4: Methods

Research study: design, sample, instrumentation, analytic strategies.
Practice/educational project: description of materials/tools/program, target audience, evaluative strategies.
Please indicate whether your content is research or education/clinical practice-based.

Section 5: Findings or Outcomes

If the project/study is at the proposal stage, include the plan for interpreting findings or evaluating outcomes.

Section 6: Conference Learning Gaps

What will learners be able to do as a result of attending your presentation to address the identified conference learning gaps?

Section 7: Learning Outcome

What observable and measurable outcome will learners be able to do as a result of attending your presentation?

Example: The learner will be able to (recall/classify/solve/demonstrate).....

See Bloom's Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs

Download a sample of a completed well-written paper/poster abstract

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