Improving the Efficiency and Efficacy for Patients in Sickle Cell Crisis in the Outpatient Setting (229-3)

11:10 am – 11:30 am Saturday, September 17
The unpredictability of sickle cell crisis leads to same-day add-on visits where the patient is reliant on the provider of the day. Due to the lack of consistent providers, the interpretation of the patient’s pain can be influenced by a lack of understanding on how to properly manage it based on previous encounters.
A retrospective data review of 27 infusion appointments using four different patients prior to the start of this project identified the lack of consistent pain management for patients in sickle cell crises. Research supports the effectiveness of individual pain plans (IPP) in the inpatient and emergency room settings however, the impact has not been well described in the ambulatory infusion center. Implementation of an IPP in the ambulatory setting that is easily accessible in the patient’s electronic health record, coupled with a plan of care huddle can expedite effective pain management and decrease hospital admissions and emergency room visits for patients in vaso-occlusive crisis.