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7:00 – 8:15 am Friday, September 14

Strengthening the Local Chapters of APHON through Shared Experiences (LCM)

1CNE  The Local Chapter Committee Liaisons and Chapter Leaders will convene to discuss topics such as fundraising, community service, education, and recruitment and retention that affect the functioning of Local Chapters. These will be discussed in a round table manner and then presented to the whole group. Attendees will be able to take this knowledge back to their local chapters and continue forward thinking momentum, recruitment of new members, retain seasoned members, and implement a variety of fundraising and community projects for pediatric hematology and oncology families. APHON members interested in starting a new chapter will be exposed to the “Getting Started” process and a new bylaws mentoring round table will be added. All liaisons will be able to network with their local covered chapters to discover any potential issues and helpful knowledge in navigating rules and requirements for local chapters. We will discuss how to reformat and include innovative measures in the strategy meeting to encourage participation from new and seasoned members and to meet National APHON vision and goals.

3:15 – 4:30 pm Saturday, September 15

Closing Keynote: Nurses Caring For Nurses: Changing the Culture of Nursing (105)

1CNE  In my 40+ years in nursing, I watched the nursing culture change, in some ways positively, in some ways, negatively. The negative changes I see worry me because they will not help us address important and challenging issues in the future, nor will they enhance the professional practice of nursing. Webster’s Dictionary defines “culture” as “ways of dressing, thinking, talking and acting...” and “the ideas, language, actions, and behaviors that define a given people.” When people look at nurses today, what do they see? When they listen to us talk, what do they hear?

5:30 – 6:30 pm Friday, September 14

General Session: Social Media and Nursing......Where are we now? (103)

1CNE  In today’s world, social media has become a prominent form of communication, networking, and social interaction. As access to these platforms of communication and information expand, so must our understanding of the benefits and impact on the delivery of healthcare. As patient advocates, nurses have an obligation to explore the current climate and prevalence of social media use and its impact on patients, families, and the entire healthcare team.

2 – 3:15 pm Thursday, September 13

Opening Keynote: Never Ever Give Up! (101)

1CNE  Erik Rees has dedicated himself to empowering people to find and fulfill their purpose in life. During this session Never Ever Give Up! Erik will share the story if his eleven-year-old daughter, Jessie, and her inspiring tale of spreading joy to other kids fighting cancer and encouraging them to never ever give up or "NEGU" while battling an inoperable and incurable brain tumor (DIPG). If you have faced a hurdle in life and thought about giving up, don’t miss this opportunity to be encouraged and inspired by Jessie’s daddy, Erik Rees, to NEGU. You will not only walk away inspired but receive practical tips to stay encouraged to NEGU no matter what you face at work or in life!

Erik Rees
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