Nurse-Led Models for Enhancing the Conduct of Children’s Oncology Group Cancer Control Trials (C223)

coglogo1CH  Improvements in survival in pediatric cancer has led to a broadened focus of research that includes symptom prevention and management, patient- and caregiver-reported outcomes, and disease prevention and control. The Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Cancer Control (CCL) Domain conducts independent and embedded clinical trials to identify preventive measures and evaluate interventions to improve patient- and caregiver-reported outcomes and reduce the morbidity of cancer therapy.

Due to prioritization of treatment trials, shortage of clinical research resources, and other factors, it has been historically challenging to accrue to CCL trials. Nurses are at the frontlines of pediatric cancer treatment, and many have an inherent interest in cancer control, which has led some COG sites to create nurse-led models to support CCL trials. These models vary in structure and operation; however, all models include dedicated nurses and/or advanced-practice nurses who champion CCL trials by facilitating eligibility screening, patient enrollment, trial conduct, and communication between COG and the local COG sites in order to successfully carry out the trials.

This session will provide the learner with knowledge regarding current trends and innovative processes that have been used by nurses within the COG to enhance the conduct of CCL trials; learners can apply this knowledge in their own practices in order to enhance the conduct of clinical trials at their local institutions.