Mary Ann Hensley, RNNurse Coordinator Tumor Program

Mary Ann has been at Children's Hospital Colorado for 28 years working within the Orthopedic Institute as the service coordinator for orthopedic surgery in the operating room; then as an orthopedic tumor specialty nurse.

In 2006 along with the orthopedic oncologist and midlevel providers, she developed the orthopedic tumor program coordinator role as a means of meeting the ongoing needs of the burgeoning sarcoma population. Together with the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, a multidisciplinary program was subsequently developed for the treatment of pediatric bone and soft tissue sarcoma patients. Along with other members of the treatment team, the orthopedic oncology group serves the needs of sarcoma patients during and after chemotherapy including addressing long-term effects of chemotherapy-related to the musculoskeletal system.