Leigh Shinn, BSN RN CCRCClinical Research Nurse

Leigh has been an oncology nurse for 25 years, with a specialty in stem cell transplantation. Early in her career, she worked at the bedside caring for pediatric and adult SCT patients. During this time, she was exposed to cutting edge research.

As a result, she became very interested in clinical research and the impact it could have on medicine and nursing. Leigh worked in the clinical research industry for 10+ years on medical devices and phase 1 oncology clinical trials. She was able to participate in the FDA approval of 2 medical devices and 2 drugs. In 2013, she had the opportunity to combine her love of research with her experience in stem cell transplantation to work as a clinical research nurse in SCT at Stanford University. Last year she began a Masters in Nursing program with the goal of pursuing a Family Nurse Practitioner degree. She believes this will allow her to further combine her love of research and stem cell transplantation.