Kitty Montgomery, PhD RN PCNS-BC CPHON®Clinical Nurse Specialist

As an advanced practice nurse, Dr. Montgomery has 10 years of experience in pediatric oncology and understand the current pediatric treatment and supportive care regimens. Dr. Montgomery is a member of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Nursing Research Subcommittee. In 2013,  Dr. Montgomery completed her PhD degree in nursing. In Dr. Montgomery's doctoral dissertation, she described communication patterns between experienced pediatric oncology nurses, patients, families, and healthcare professionals during the end of life. Dr. Montgomery's research program is transitioning toward symptom management during the end of life, as opportunities to improve the child and parent experience became apparent through the stories of nurses included in my dissertation research and current literature.
Are Your Patients with Advanced Cancer Suffering? A Nurse-Led Study Utilizing Technology to Measure Symptoms (C205)
UW Health, American Family Children's Hospital
Madison, Wisconsin