Expanding Your Educational Horizons – DNP or PhD? (232)

1CH  The commitment to a career focused on practice or research is one of the first decisions pediatric hematology/oncology nurses must make when considering advanced educational preparation and choosing between a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and a Doctor of Nursing Science/Philosophy (PhD) program. 

DNP studies are oriented toward improving system and patient care outcomes, whereas PhD studies are directed at the development of nursing knowledge and scientific inquiry. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the process of making this decision based upon personal career goals, curriculum, and future employment opportunities, with the goal of clarifying the options.

The DNP curriculum focuses on evidence-based practice, health policy, and health systems leadership, and prepares the student for a career as an advanced practice nurse, educator, informaticist, or administrator. The PhD curriculum focuses on nursing theory, research process and design, and statistics, and prepares the student for a career as a nurse scientist, usually in academia.