Abstracts, Posters, Presentations, and More! (004)

The APHON Conference Planning Committee is excited to offer this FREE (for members) workshop to attendees looking for education about abstracts and professional presentations.

This workshop will offer didactic education about writing abstract reviewers can’t pass up, developing an award-winning poster presentation, and strategies for successful oral presentations. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn from an expert in the field, sharing tips and tricks from the reviewer's perspective.
Small group breakouts will be mentored/facilitated by Conference Planning Committee members to help attendees develop their project ideas into a future submission to a professional organization.


Leadership Course: Identify & Use your Personality Strengths to Optimize Your Leadership Style (002)

Leadership skills are needed in many different roles. In 2019, a concurrent session with a focus on developing leadership skills at all levels was held at the national APHON conference. Many self-assessment tools are available to enable people to learn more about their personality type and their behavioral style, and a brief overview of some available tools was shared at the session.

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