Solid and CNS Tumors at Relapse: Creativity and Challenges for the APN (206)

3:30 – 4:30 pm Wednesday, September 2

Advanced practice providers are consistently challenged to help provide and deliver new and innovative therapies at the time of relapse. Solid and central nervous system tumors rarely have well-proven, successful treatments at the time of relapse or progression on therapy.

When there is not a proven relapse protocol or applicable early phase clinical trial, physicians often develop new, creative therapies. These therapies can target identified mutations, combine with known cytotoxic agents with or without autologous stem cell transplantation, and give new and novel therapies based on recent research findings. Another area of debate that often arises is the question of whether bone marrow transplant is a plausible or reasonable option at the time of recurrence for solid tumors. The difficulty is there is not usually a consensus or standard of care. APNs need to be able to assist in the delivery of the therapy including roadmap development, prescribing, insurance authorization, determining monitoring guidelines, evaluating for drug-drug interactions and side effects, and delivery of the therapy to the individual. The neuro-oncology and solid tumor communities are moving toward targeted therapies to directly impact known genetic mutations present in the tumor. Targeted therapies are often combined together and with cytotoxic, surgical, or radiation therapies. Several case studies of new therapies and the process from idea to delivery will be reviewed.

Molly Hemenway, DNP MS AC/PC-CPNP
Suzanne Smolik, MSN RN CPNP CPON®
Phyli Forsberg, MSN RN PNP
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