Simone Weinmann MS, LGC, CGCPediatric Hematology Oncology Genetic Counselor

As a new genetic counselor, Simone Weinmann feels very lucky to have the opportunity to work with patients in pediatric Hematology, Oncology, BMT. Genetic testing can be a complex choice for families. Many of the concepts we discuss in our sessions are novel to the families and patients we serve. For some, the choice to proceed with genetic testing is clear, but for others, the path forward is not as obvious. Simone feels privileged to assist these families and my patients in navigating which options will serve them best, and why. Simone is also passionate about education, and has found great joy in providing direct education to our sickle cell patients and their families. Simone believes that self-advocacy is one of the greatest skills we can impart on our patients, and that a strong knowledge base can be instrumental in building those skills. Simone looks forward to a future where genetics is accessible to anyone who can benefit from it.
Sickle Cell Disease and Increased Hemolysis. When to Consider Evaluating for A Concurrent Hereditary Hemolytic Condition (213-2)
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Columbus, Ohio