Same Chorus, Different Tune: Interactive Teaching Techniques for Chemotherapy-Biotherapy Instructors (208)

3:30 – 4:30 pm Wednesday, September 2

The Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Provider Program Committee is committed to the ongoing support of more than 550-course instructors as they continue to adapt to the content and lectures of the 4th edition curriculum.

This concurrent session will give instructors hands-on opportunities to navigate many of the options for interactive lecture activities and allow them to rehearse the updated content with the support of other instructors from across the country. This session is a repeat offering of the hands-on session that was presented at the 2019 APHON conference. It is intended for instructors who did not attend last year’s conference, or for instructors who enjoyed it so much last year that they want to participate again.

Ruth Anne Herring, MSN RN CPNP-AC/PC CPHON®
Michael Hans, MS BSN RN NPD-BC CPON®
Kristin Belderson, DNP RN NPD-BC CPON®
Joy Hesselgrave, MSN RN CHPPN CPON®
Colleen Nixon, MSN RN CPHON®
Joan O'Hanlon Curry, MS RN CPNP CPON®
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