Recognition Session for Certified Oncology Nurses: Having a Ball: Including a Healthy Dose of Music, Laughter and Patient Inspiration (RB)

5:15 – 6:15 pm Thursday, September 3

"Oncology nurses are the backbone and heart of a cancer patient’s experience – playing the most critical roles for their patients - doing everything from administering chemo, warding off side-effects, comforting on the bad days and celebrating the victories. They are a trusted confidante and tender caregiver. In addition, nurses are increasingly being charged with taking larger leadership roles as well. They are truly the superheroes of health care (carrying magic wands that seem to fix everything!) for their patients.

Using music, humor, and fun, Anne McSweeney, Social Worker/Educator, and Tom Willner, Playwright /Cancer Survivor joined forces to invigorate and re-energize these healthcare professionals who work so hard for their patients. Using a fun, “back and forth” banter-style – this presentation consists of music and storytelling that depicts the patient experience – oftentimes poking fun, sometimes more serious, and always showcasing the critical role that nurses play in the lives of their patients."

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Tom Willner

Anne McSweeney, LCSW

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