Paper Presentation: Symptom Reporting Strategies—Examining Self-Reported Pain of School-Age Children Undergoing Treatment for Cancer Using a Game-Based App (231-1)

2:30 – 2:50 pm Friday, September 4

The goal of this presentation is to describe the daily pain experiences reported by 19 school-age children with cancer participating in a trial of a game-based symptom assessment app. We will discuss the prevalence of pain and how participants elected to communicate their pain within the app, using child-centric rating scales, an avatar to localize pain, and free-text responses.

Additionally, we will highlight the potential benefits of using mobile technology to capture how school-age children with cancer express their pain-related experiences as well as the limitations encountered and future directions for the app. This presentation will help attendees better inquire about pain-related symptoms that occur between clinical encounters and to use multiple approaches in eliciting a clinically meaningful evaluation of pain.

Katherine Bernier Carney, PhD RN
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