Paper Presenation: Global Health—POINTE: A Novel Way of Spreading Global Pediatric Oncology Nursing Knowledge (220-1)

2:30 – 2:50 pm Thursday, September 3

Well-trained nurses are vital for optimal outcomes in pediatric oncology. One of the most significant barriers to adequately treating children with cancer in resource-constrained settings is a lack of healthcare workers in general and even fewer with specialty training in pediatric oncology.

A significant percentage of the world’s children/adolescents (85%) live in these settings and the overall number of available nurses per 1000 people can be as low as 0.2 (Central African Republic and the Philippines). Therefore, it is critical that nurses who care for these patients are well prepared to deliver high-quality care. Some online and in-person clinical training programs and educational materials are available for nurses in these settings; however, information about these resources is often difficult to find and not easily accessible due to financial constraints and time. The Paediatric Oncology International Training and Education Network (POINTE) was developed to offer a central, open-access website (no passwords or member-only restriction) where health professionals caring for children/adolescents with cancer worldwide can find educational opportunities, information about forthcoming events relevant to pediatric oncology nurses, and mentorship. Please attend this session to learn how to become involved with treating children with cancer across the globe!

Rachael Kunkel, BSN RN CPN CPHON®
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