Novel therapeutics and Molecular Based Tumors Boards for CNS tumors; Role of a Nurse Investigator Committee within Clinical Trial Consortiums (231)

2:15 pm – 3:15 pm Saturday, September 17
Nurses and advanced practice providers (APPs) have led an effort to engage nurse scientists in collaborative work within clinical trial consortiums. In the spring of 2021 a new nursing and APP committee was created within the Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium (PNOC). Prior to finalizing the structure of this committee, a one-time, de-identified survey was distributed to all members of PNOC. A total of 68 surveys were returned from 20 different institutions spanning across the globe.
The nursing responses identified educational topics that would enhance the clinical care of patients while on clinical trials. PNOC nurses requested information on new targeted therapies, clinical trials for hard to treat CNS diseases, and new diagnostic methods and testing. Of the nurses surveyed, 22% stated they were members of APHON, which was the second most commonly reported organization after the Children’s Oncology Group. One fourth stated that they collaborate with other nurses outside of their institution through professional organizations like APHON and within a conference setting. This requested education aligns with the learning gaps identified for this year’s conference. Offering a session on this topic facilitates an opportunity to provide educational material to an audience that includes a significant number of nurses caring for CNS tumor patients enrolled on clinical trials. During this presentation we will highlight three PNOC clinical trials. This will include education on targeted agents such as MEK-inhibitors, m-TOR inhibitors, and pan-RAF inhibitors. We will discuss the molecular based tumor boards utilized within PNOC clinical trials. We will describe real-time drug screening and genomic testing from patient derived specimens that guides treatment recommendations. Lastly, we will define the role of the nurse during tumor boards and the duties the nurse investigator performs while working on each new PNOC protocol.