Less is More in Childhood B-ALL: Targeted immunotherapies, MRD by HTS, and De-escalation of Therapy in COG Trials AALL1731/AALL1732 (C210)

3:30 – 4:30 pm Wednesday, September 2

coglogoWhile survival rates in childhood B-lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) have improved significantly, relapse among this population is still common, and for relapsed patients, 5-year overall survival (OS) is approximately 38%. Interventions that reduce B-ALL relapses remain a priority as an intensification of conventional chemotherapy has proven unsuccessful.

The Children’s Oncology Group (COG) has new B-ALL trials open that for the first time include targeted immunotherapies, blinatumomab, and inotuzumab, in front line therapy. In this session, the approach for both COG B-ALL trials AALL1731 and AALL1732 will be reviewed. Oral chemotherapy adherence is essential to preventing relapse in patients with B-ALL. This presentation will include an overview of an embedded companion trial testing the incorporation of interventions to optimize adherence. Both trials will test whether patients can be treated with a uniform duration of therapy 2 years from the start of Interim Maintenance I, regardless of sex, which will substantially reduce the burden of therapy for male patients. In addition, both SR and HR B-ALL trials will reduce Vincristine and steroid pulses to every 12 weeks during maintenance.

Sue Zupanec, MN NP
Christine Yun, MSN PNP CPON®
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