Leadership Course: Identify & Use your Personality Strengths to Optimize Your Leadership Style (002)

Leadership skills are needed in many different roles. In 2019, a concurrent session with a focus on developing leadership skills at all levels was held at the national APHON conference. Many self-assessment tools are available to enable people to learn more about their personality type and their behavioral style, and a brief overview of some available tools was shared at the session.

Through interactive questioning during the session, it became evident that more than half of the attendees received no formal training on leadership skills during their basic nursing education, and many attendees had moved into leadership positions simply because their supervisor or mentor encouraged them to do so. The group was asked what they wished to learn more about related to leadership skills, and there was great interest in learning more about communication strategies, difficult conversations, and conflict management. In this session, attendees will complete a self-assessment evaluation, which will enable them to learn more about their personality type and behavioral response tendencies. Increasing their own self-awareness through the use of a tool will help attendees better understand their personal tendencies when approaching conflict, performance coaching and counseling, and other difficult situations. Examples of challenging situations, including details about how these situations were managed, will be shared. Participants will then be asked to identify other examples that they have encountered, and the group will have opportunities for role-playing and interactive participation to learn from one another. Three experienced pediatric hematology-oncology nursing leaders from different organizations around the country will facilitate this workshop and discuss the ongoing need for leadership development in our specialty. Increasing self-awareness of personal behavioral tendencies and how the attendee may be perceived will help nurses be more effective and successful in communicating with others.