Kimberly DiGerolamo, DNP RN PCNS-BC CPNClinical Nurse Specialist

Dr. Kimberly DiGerolamo is a clinical nurse specialist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where she has worked as a 2nd degree new nurse since 2001. An interest in quality, safety, and evidence-based care at the bedside inspired her to pursue a postmaster’s Clinical Nurse Specialist degree in 2012. In this role, Dr. DiGerolamo became interested in preventing falls and she conducted an evidence-based practice (EBP) project comparing validated fall risk assessment (FRA) tools that led to the implementation of a new FRA tool at CHOP. This project led to her appointment as nursing lead for falls prevention and her development of a formal Falls Prevention Program at CHOP. Dr. DiGerolamo's passion for EBP eventually led to her pursuit and receipt of a DNP degree in 2018. She currently holds a Clinical Nurse Specialist role in oncology as well as an appointment with Villanova University as an adjunct professor (2019–present).
Since completing her program of study, Dr. DiGerolamo continues to explore clinical inquiry in the realm of pediatric falls prevention and pediatric oncology. She has experience in EBP methodology, institutional review board application, and project management and coordination. Dr. DiGerolamo has three peer-reviewed publications and has presented her work in falls prevention regionally and nationally. 
Tier Zero: Preventing Harm Before it Happens (201-2)
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania