Juliann Duzan, BSN RNBSN, RN Thrombosis and Anticoagulation Program

Juliann Duzan was a thrombosis and anticoagulation nurse in adult setting from 1998-2007. Since 2007, she has practiced as an anticoagulation nurse in the Thrombosis and Anticoagulation Program at Boston Children's Hospital (BCH); responsibilities include screening patients starting anticoagulation therapy and educating patient/families about anticoagulation therapy and injection techniques, safety/bleeding precautions, and subcutaneous catheter insertion and use. Susan provides anticoagulation nursing education to newly licensed nurses and staff nurses as requested. She also cares for patients receiving outpatient anticoagulation therapy, lab ordering/monitoring, and anticoagulant dose adjusting. Susan participates in the review/editing of protocols, patient and family education sheets, and policies related to anticoagulation therapy. She participates in database building, data collection, and data presentation at multiple meetings. Susan is the co-chair of the VTE workgroup at BCH. 
Anticoagulation Medication Error Reduction Strategies (214-2) 
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts