Joint Topic: AYA Health Transitions — The End of Treatment and Beyond: Integrating Components of Adolescent to Adult Healthcare Transition into Patient Care (219-2)

3:30 – 4:30 pm Friday, October 29

Survival rates for childhood cancer have greatly increased as a result of therapeutic advances. Adolescents and young adults (AYAs) are a challenging and dynamic cohort that require innovative, supportive care to foster knowledge and skills related to their cancer and healthcare transition.

AYAs who are treated for cancer are at risk for long-term organ dysfunction, secondary cancers, and increased late mortality. Because of the commonness of high-risk behaviors and possible late effects from treatment, it is crucial that clinicians continually engage this cohort to monitor for possible emergence of late effects, provide early intervention, and mitigate adverse effects. Identifying opportunities to integrate components of adolescent to adult healthcare transition into care at critical time points is essential to fostering health literacy and advocacy, especially considering the need for long-term surveillance of cancer survivors. Advanced practice nurses and nurse practitioner navigators have a unique opportunity to impact the health care of childhood cancer survivors and can be at the forefront of developing strategies and processes that lay the foundation of knowledge and skills for continual engagement in healthcare.