Joint Topic: Advanced Practice Provider Postgraduate Training Programs — Advanced Practice Provider Fellowships: The Path to Specialized Excellence (207-2)

5:00 – 6:00 pm Thursday, October 28

The role of the advanced practice provider (APP) has been expanding for decades and is now essential in most healthcare organizations. The majority of APP programs are population-specific (e.g., pediatric, family, adult, geriatric), with very few programs that are specialized beyond primary versus acute care.

In pediatric health care, specifically, the role has become very specialized, and physician education programs have adapted by developing fellowship programs to best meet the needs of the specialized populations. As APPs’ roles continue to expand, they often serve as the primary providers for the specialized populations despite not having received the minimal formalized education about those patients’ care and instead receive their specialized training while orienting and training in the role. The creation of additional formalized and specialized education for the APP to best meet the needs of the pediatric populations has been slow, but this need recently started to be recognized and programs are slowly developing. The development of specialized fellowship programs help support the development of and transition into practice for newly graduated APPs as well as those looking to transition into another area of care. The hematology-oncology department at Lurie Children’s Hospital piloted their first APP fellow in December 2019, and this session will describe our experience with evidence-based program development and implementation as well as outcomes.