Hot Topics in Pediatric Oncology: Updates from the Children’s Oncology Group (C222)

4:15 pm – 5:15 pm Friday, September 16
Despite the pandemic, the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) has produced 237 publications since the beginning of 2020. The magnitude of this productivity makes it difficult for health care professionals to remain up to date with new knowledge. The purpose of this presentation is to highlight results from four recent, COG publications and assist nurses in translating evidence into their practice. 
Article 1: Children with average risk medulloblastoma experience survival rates > 80% but also experience adverse consequences of the treatment they receive. COG study ACNS0331 sought to mitigate these effects by reducing craniospinal XRT dose volume. All patients were randomized to either whole or involved field posterior fossa XRT and younger patients (3-7 years) were randomized to either standard or low-dose craniospinal XRT. A non-inferiority analysis supported involved field radiation for older patients but failed to support reduced-dose craniospinal radiation for young children. Findings from embedded neurocognitive testing, behavior, adaptive skills and quality-of-life assessments performed at years 1,3, and 5 post-diagnosis will be presented. (Michalski et al, 2021). Article 2: Discharge education practices for newly diagnosed pediatric oncology patients vary among institutions and lacks a standardized approach. To increase the understanding of the impact of early discharge education for parents, the nurse-led Parent Education Discharge Support Strategies (PEDSS) study was conducted at 16 COG Magnet institutions. The study found it feasible to implement 2 nurse-led strategies of standardized PEDSS one focusing on symptom management and the second on support and coping. Among participants, the symptom management group reported significantly greater satisfaction with discharge teaching compared to the support and coping group. Two additional COG publications will be presented including a scoping review of Oncology AYA sexual health and results from the cohort of participants with T lineage lymphoblastic lymphoma from COG study AALL0434.