Getting Approval to Attend

10 Helpful Tips For Getting Approval to Attend the APHON Annual Conference

  1. Review the Conference materials with an eye toward addressing your hospital or facility's current needs or plans for the near future.
  2. Prepare an estimate of costs in advance, including registration fee, membership fee, airfare, hotel, and miscellaneous expenses (remember, early bird registration saves money).
  3. Promote the opportunity to gain 29.25 contact hours at the conference, an additional 6.50 contact hours for the Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Provider Program Instructor Course, 6.50 contact hours for the Leadership Series, and 3.25 contact hours for each half-day pre-conference workshop. You can also earn up to 3 contact hours for evaluating posters.
  4. Identify a backup person or procedure to ensure coverage during your absence. Perhaps you can ask an assistant or department head to help.
  5. Seek approval immediately. An early request shows that you are a careful planner, and you may be able to take advantage of savings of both fees and airfares. In addition, should there be any questions, you can address them in plenty of time.
  6. Put your request in writing, and in addition to the expenses and time of the request, include specific benefits to the hospital or facility, including the information you will gain.
    Download sample approval letter template
  7. Sometimes, asking in person is better. Choose a time that demonstrates a skill that can be enhanced through the Conference. Be sure to have all the information with you for your supervisor to review.
  8. Ask your supervisor which classes he or she believes would be ideal for you to attend. Get them involved in your educational development.
  9. If you have attended in the past, share how the education offered particular value to your patients or institution.
  10. After asking for permission, follow up in a timely manner. A gentle reminder or an offer to discuss the conference may lead to approval.