Enhancing Patient/Family Education with Children’s Oncology Group Tools and Resources (C205)

10:45 – 11:45 am Wednesday, September 2

coglogoWhen a child is newly diagnosed with cancer, a consistent theme reported by parents is feeling overwhelmed with the amount of medical information that they must process in order to safely care for their child at home.

The Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Nursing Discipline has focused on examining current practices for educating families of children newly diagnosed with cancer; classifying education into primary, secondary, and tertiary topics; and developing tools and resources to enhance the process of patient/family education at the time of diagnosis. A COG Standardized Educational Checklist delineates the necessary topics for nurses to teach and mirrors content found in the COG New Diagnosis Guide for parents and accompanying Caring for Your Child at Home teaching guide for nurses. Additionally, a new COG Smartphone App for parents will provide ready access to the critical information that parents need when caring for their child with cancer at home. This session will detail the feasibility of implementing these COG patient/family educational tools and resources at three COG institutions and will evaluate the results of implementation from the perspective of both parents and nurses. We will then review practical lessons learned through real-world examples and describe strategies for sustainably employing these tools and resources in everyday pediatric oncology nursing practice, at the bedside, and in the clinic to enhance the educational process for newly diagnosed families.

Wendy Landier, PhD CPNP FAAN CPON®
Elizabeth Duffy, DNP RN CPNP
Teresa Herriage, DNP APRN CNP CPHON®
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