Corrine Hoeppner, MSN RN ARNPNeuro Oncology Nurse Practitioner

Corrine Hoeppner has been an oncology nurse since 1988. She completed the NP program at the University of Washington in 2001 and has been a neuro-oncology NP at Seattle Children's Hospital since 2001. She appreciates the combination of clinical and research experience that she has had with the amazing team at Seattle Children's over the past 20 years. Corrine has been on the COG Core Nursing Team for 7 years and loves the breadth of experience that she gets from so many other skilled and passionate NPs. She enjoys teaching, has been on Clinical Teaching staff at UW for the past 15 years, and always appreciates the opportunity to present at conferences. 
Lighting the Way in COG with MATCH: Targeted Therapies in Pediatric CNS Tumors (C211)
Seattle Children's Hospital
Seattle, Washington