Communication Pearls for Navigating Difficult Conversations (219)

2:30 – 3:30 pm Thursday, September 3

Communication is the root of many conflicts in health care and the cause of up to 60% of all hospital adverse events according to the Joint Commission (Mueller et al, 2018). The nurse’s role is inherently different from the physician’s role in regard to delivering difficult news, but the nurse is often left to answer the questions that arise from these conversations.

Nurses may not be present when the information is initially shared with the patient and family, which can make it challenging when families look to the nurse for clarification and to answer their many questions. Given the frequency of these interactions, it is crucial that nurses possess strong communication skills. This session will give hematology-oncology nurses evidence-based communication tools to provide a framework to answer challenging questions. This includes how to increase their active listening skills, recognize the emotion behind the question, how to deal with anger, how to identify the impact of nonverbal cues on effective communication, the importance of cultural and linguistic differences, and how to collaborate with the interprofessional team. Case studies and paired participant exchanges will help the nurse improve their communication skills using tools such as ask-tell-ask, ADAPT, NURSE, and other helpful aids.

Joy Hesselgrave, MSN RN CHPPN CPON®
Gina Santucci, FNP APRN-BC
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