Bench to Bedside: DNP and Nurse Researcher Collaboration (206)

5:00–6:00 pm Thursday, September 15
The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in nursing, while different in focus, in collaboration serve as integral, interrelated components in quality improvement, evidenced-based practice, research and dissemination. The strength in combining the research appraisal and investigation of PhD-prepared nurse and the DNP-prepared nurses’ clinical experience and skill offers opportunities to address gaps in patient care and bring the “bench to the bedside”.In pediatric hematology/oncology, both the DNP and PhD-prepared nurse are well positioned to be drivers of practice change and improvement. By recognizing each other’s strengths, this group of scholarly nurses can create a partnership to develop and implement evidenced-based care, impact the quality of care delivered and enhance the patient experience. In this session, attendees will follow along the presenter’s journey as they collaborate to develop their first clinical research study focused in childhood leukemia, and share their lessons learned, failures, mistakes to avoid and overall success.