Abigail LaRosa, MSN RN CPN CPHON®Registered Nurse III

Abigail R. LaRosa is a Registered Nurse III at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. She completed her BSN in 2011 and MSN in Education in 2021, both from Mount St. Joseph University. Abby has nearly 10 years of inpatient nursing experience at CCHMC, including 2 years with Hospital Medicine and about 8 years with Hematology Oncology. She serves as a Charge Nurse and Resource Nurse. In addition, she currently is CLABSI Prevention Co-Lead for her unit team, as well as the hospital-wide team at CCHMC. She loves being able to make a difference in patient care on her unit, but also enjoys being able to share her experiences at the house-wide level to gain insight and knowledge from others. Abby has a passion for teaching and learning and truly loves to help build up those around her. She not only teaches hands-on, but loves to create effective and useful learning materials both at the unit and house-wide levels. Outside of nursing, Abby enjoys decorating custom cookies, spending time with her nieces, and completely spoiling her dog, Bailey.
Pediatric Oncology Safety Simulation (223-2)
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio