Sue Zupanec, MN NPPediatrics Nurse Practitioner

Since 2002 Sue Zupanec has practiced as a Nurse Practitioner in Leukemia/Lymphoma program at The Hospital for Sick Children. Sue has authored two chapters in a pediatric oncology nursing textbook; one on Pediatric Leukemia and the second Pediatric Lymphoma.

Sue has been awarded two research grants as primary investigator focusing on sleep and fatigue in pediatric ALL and have successfully published on outcomes from both projects. Throughout her career, Sue has had the privilege of providing many lectures locally and at national conferences.

Sue currently serves as the Education Sub-committee chair on the Children’s Oncology Nursing Steering Committee. I am also an executive member of the Garron Cancer Center in Toronto Canada.

A Tale of Two MABs: Blinatumomab and Inotuzumab in COG Clinical Trials for Relapsed B ALL (C211)
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ontario