Strengthening the Local Chapters of APHON through Networking (LCM)

7:30 – 8:30 am Friday, September 14

1CH  The Local Chapter Committee Liaisons and Chapter Leaders will convene to discuss topics that affect the functioning of local chapters, such as fundraising, community service, education, and recruitment and retention. These will be discussed in a round table manner and then presented to the whole group.

Attendees will be able to take this knowledge back to their local chapters and continue forward-thinking momentum, recruit new members, retain seasoned members, and implement a variety of fundraising and community projects for pediatric hematology/oncology families. APHON members interested in starting a new chapter will be exposed to the “Getting Started” process. All liaisons will be able to network with their local covered chapters to discover any potential issues and helpful knowledge in navigating rules and requirements for local chapters. We will discuss how to reformat and include innovative measures in the strategy meeting to encourage participation from new and seasoned members and to meet National APHON vision and goals.