Patient/Family Education in Pediatric Oncology: The Children’s Oncology Group Experience (C217)

11:15 am – 12:15 pm Friday, September 14

coglogo1CH  The majority of children newly diagnosed with cancer in North America are treated on Children’s Oncology Group clinical trials. Parents of these newly diagnosed pediatric oncology patients need specialized education to provide safe care for their child at home.

The quality of the education provided to parents of newly diagnosed patients—such as proper administration of oral chemotherapy and other home medications, recognition of when to bring the child to the hospital for emergent treatment, and knowledge of how to access appropriate care in a timely fashion—has the potential to significantly influence clinical trial outcomes. Recognizing that there was little evidence available to support current patient/family educational practices, the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Nursing Discipline has focused its efforts on understanding the effective delivery of patient/family education. This session will describe the outcomes of recent work by the COG Nursing Discipline to identify current evidence surrounding patient/family education practices and bring together experts to develop consensus recommendations to standardize essential content and facilitate the effective provision of patient/family education for parents of newly diagnosed pediatric oncology patients. Five guiding principles for providing patient/family education to newly diagnosed families will be presented, essential content for inclusion in initial education will be identified, and examples of best teaching practices will be reviewed. This session will enhance nursing practice by helping nurses to identify the essential educational content necessary for safe home care of newly diagnosed patients, determine the most promising and innovative techniques for providing education to parents of these children, and understand how the initial educational process fits within the continuum of pediatric oncology care.