Paper Presentations: Clinical Care Issues — Use of a Clinical Care Pathway for the Evaluation and Treatment of Children with Acute Chest Syndrome (228-1)

11:30 am – 11:50 am Saturday, September 15

1CNE Acute chest syndrome is the leading cause of death and hospitalization among patients with sickle cell disease. Nurses have an important role in providing prompt evaluation and treatment of the child with acute chest syndrome. Evidence-based clinical care pathways are recommended to improve quality of care and to help reduce the length of hospitalization. This presentation will review the development of a standardized clinical care pathway which includes recommendations for management, diagnostic work up, and treatment strategies.

Through the implementation of a clinical care pathway, patients had an excellent clinical outcome and a significantly shortened length of stay. Attendees will learn essential management recommendations for the care of a child with acute chest syndrome admitted into the hospital and will be able to apply-evidence based recommendations into their daily practice.

Disclaimer: [1 CH] will be awarded for attending all three paper presentations presented during this timeslot. Partial credit is not available.