Paper Presentations: Supportive Care Issues — Hospital to Home at End of Life; A Nurse Led Initiative (228-3)

12:10 – 12:30 pm Saturday, August 19

1CH  Multidisciplinary teams work tirelessly to support families and manage distressing physical and psychological symptoms at the end of life (EOL) while children are hospitalized. 

Families who choose to care for their child at home during EOL often face unexpected challenges during the transition to home. This can include the need to learn about their child's care at home, identifying the actions needed to manage escalating symptoms and the understanding of complex discharge instructions.

The aim of this clinical practice–based initiative is to ease the transition to home for patients at EOL by providing a home visit from a member of the inpatient primary nursing team.

Members of the patient’s primary nursing team have intimate clinical knowledge about the patient and family and are uniquely positioned to support them during this time of transition.

During this presentation, the following will be explored:

  • methods used to develop and coordinate this initiative
  • outcome measures utilized
  • post visit audit tool results
  • parental feedback
  • encountered barriers.