Mary Petriccione, MSN RN PPCNP-BCPediatric Nurse Practitioner

Mary Petriccione graduated from Columbia University's School of Nursing in 1979 and worked first as a staff nurse and then in the outpatient pediatric oncology clinic at Columbia's Babies Hospital. In 1986 Mary graduated from Yale University with my MSN/PNP. Mary completed the Robbie Simpson PNP fellowship in St Jude in December 1986.

In February of 1987, she began working as a pediatric neuro-oncology practitioner in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and she just completed her 31st year. It is an honor to work with such a special group of children/adolescents and their loving families. Mary has been a member of APON/APHON since 1988.

New Hope Through Clinical Trials in Low Grade Gliomas: From Diagnosis, Standard Treatment Modalities, to BRAF/MEK Inhibitors (221)
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York