Julia Challinor, PhD RN MA Ed MSc Medical AnthropologyAssociate Adjunct Professor of Nursing

Julia Challinor is a graduate of Wheelock College, Boston, MA; San Francisco State University, CA; the University of California, San Francisco, CA; and the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. A former teacher, Julia was the Educational Liaison for children with cancer and those who had survived their disease at the University of California, San Francisco from 1993-2003.

During 1994-2006, she also headed A Tomorrow for Children Foundation and worked in partnership with pediatric oncology centers in Latin America. From 2009, Julia has collaborated in Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, and India in various pediatric hem/oncology collaborations. As an international nursing consultant for oncology with an anthropological perspective, Julia seeks to strengthen nursing resources and opportunities in low- and middle-income countries. Julia’s current professional focus is mentorship of pediatric hem/oncology nurses in low- and middle-income countries in manuscript writing and dissemination of their practice strengths and challenges.

International Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nursing (005)
University of California
Santa Cruz, California