It's Not Just About The Medicine: Developing and Implementing Psychosocial Standards of Care for Children with Cancer and Their Families (220)

3 – 4 pm Friday, August 18

1CH  The Psychosocial Standards of Care Project for Childhood Cancer was inspired by the care experiences of a family whose son died of multifocal osteosarcoma at 7 years of age. Vicki and Peter Brown started the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation in memory of their beloved son Mattie. The foundation’s mission is to “ensure that children fighting cancer and their families have a psychosocial voice and that these needs are addressed”.

The Brown’s partnered with renowned childhood cancer psychosocial experts to define the comprehensive psychosocial care needed for every child diagnosed with cancer and their families. Beginning with a Congressional Briefing in 2012, which pointed to a need to define evidence-based standards of care for children with cancer and their families, the core team completed a survey of experts to assess current practices and challenges, convened two think tanks to recommend and refine standards, and commissioned interdisciplinary teams to conduct comprehensive systematic reviews of the extant literature related to childhood cancer psychosocial care, resulting in the development and publication of 15 standards of care in a special issue of Pediatric Blood and Cancer in December 2015. On January 24, 2017, the Psychosocial Implementation Policy Roundtable was convened on Capitol Hill to discuss comprehensive strategies to implement these standards across the United States. In this session, we will review the accomplishments of the Psychosocial Standards of Care Project for Childhood Cancer including methods used to develop the standards and the components of each standard. We will engage the audience in an interactive discussion of innovative, multidimensional implementation strategies combining evidence-based care standards, policy, regulation, reimbursement, and accreditation. Nurses will leave the session knowing the important role they will play in achieving the goal for these standards, that “It’s not just about the medicine™” to ensure excellent psychosocial care of children and families as an essential component of comprehensive cancer care. The session promotes conference objectives by both increasing knowledge of cutting-edge psychosocial care standards for children and their families and by identifying innovative strategies to ensure this care is achieved at childhood cancer programs across the country.