Giving Evidence-Based Practice Back to the Bedside Nurse (006)

Bedside nurses who care for hematology and oncology patients on our 34-bed unit expressed an ethical responsibility to ensure the care they provided was based on the most current and highest quality literature. In response, the Evidence-Based Practice Workgroup (EBPW) was established four years ago and has become a model for implementing strategies to facilitate EBP and empower bedside nurses to implement changes in clinical practice. PICO questions are presented during EBPW meetings.

The group members discuss practice variance and policies, identify stakeholders, and assign a member to lead the project. The project lead works with the medical librarians to explore the literature on the chosen topic. The articles are divided among group members to review and appraise using the John Hopkins Research and Non-Research Appraisal Tool. A summary table is then completed and discussed at the following meeting. Recommendations are made based on the evaluation of the literature and knowledge of the patient population. The project lead continues to support the stakeholders in the steps of implementation and oversees the project through to dissemination. The EBPW model has proven to be a critical part of improving patient outcomes. Over the past two years, 31 PICO questions have been reviewed and resulted into 2 quality improvement projects, 3 education initiatives, and 4 policy and practice changes. Two projects have been awarded the APHON EBP Grant.

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