Engaging Pediatric Oncology Nurses in Multi-Site Clinical Trials (C234)

2:15 pm–3:15 pm Saturday, September 7

coglogoPediatric oncology nurses at 16 Magnet® hospitals are engaged in a three year, a multi-site research study funded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. This study is evaluating the effectiveness of two parent education discharge support strategies (PEDSS–symptom management vs. PEDSS–dealing with diagnosis) for parents of children newly diagnosed with cancer.

A cluster randomized control trial examines two distinct interventions, with each of the 16 Magnet® hospitals randomized to one of the interventions. Each site participating in the study chose one nurse to be the site principal investigator (PI) for the study. The site PI supervises patient enrollment, informed consent, intervention implementation, data collection, and study conduct. In addition, the PI is responsible for engaging nursing staff at the site in the intervention implementation and data collection. This presentation will illustrate the processes used to support the initiation and implementation of this multi-site study through a panel discussion involving nurses from the PEDSS study sites. Study site PIs will share their experiences with initiating the study at their local sites. A panel discussion will focus on seeking institutional support, obtaining central or local IRB approval, educating providers about the study, engaging and training clinical nurses, using electronic data collection methods, and maintaining study records. Panel members will describe procedures implemented to keep all sites informed and engaged in the study. This multi-site study has been extremely successful, with over half of the targeted enrollment achieved in the first year. Panel members will share insights regarding the early accrual success and the clinical research engagement of more than 60 nurses across 16 pediatric cancer centers. This presentation will provide essential information to researchers and clinical nurses who are interested in future involvement in multi-site nursing research studies.