CNE Presentation

Saturday, September 15
7:30 – 8:45 am

Healing Hope and the Promise of Healthy Survivorship — Recognition Breakfast for Certified Oncology Nurses* (RB)

Please note that the breakfast has reached the max capacity.

1CNE  Wendy S. Harpham is a doctor of internal medicine, 27-year cancer survivor, best-selling author, nationally recognized speaker and patient advocate. From both sides of the stethoscope, Wendy has used her useful perspective to help patients become Healthy Survivors -- namely, survivors who get good care and live as fully as possible.

Since her diagnosis, Wendy has played an important role in raising awareness among clinicians and in empowering patients to talk with their healthcare team about the challenges of survivorship, such as coping with post-treatment fatigue, raising healthy children when a parent has cancer, and participating in clinical trials.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD
Saturday, September 15
12:45 – 2 pm

Asparaginase Toxicities in ALL: Rapid Identification, Management, and Patient/Family Partnerships to Improve Outcomes (SY3)

Get the latest updates on current and emerging asparaginase therapies in pediatric ALL at this interactive satellite symposium. A variety of topics will be discussed, including mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics, monitoring and management of asparaginase toxicities, and communication approaches specific to pediatric patients and their families. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with expert faculty throughout the symposium.

Belinda Mandrell, PhD RN

Katie Gettinger, MSN RN CPNP
Anna Lefebvre, MSN RN CPNP CPON®