Connecting Fun with Purpose: Interactive Teaching Strategies to Improve Bedside Care (225)

11:30 am – 12:30 pm Saturday, September 15

1CNE  The complex field of pediatric hematology/oncology truly demands clinical expertise of the bedside nurse to safely care for patients. Nurse educators are challenged more than ever to provide education in the classroom that will translate to meaningful application at the bedside (Curran, 2014). Current literature promotes learner preparation prior to class coupled with in-class interactive learning to apply and solidify knowledge (Galway, Corbett, Takaro, Tairyan, & Frank, 2014; Vujovic, 2016).

Additionally, the new generations of nurses thrive on the use of technology, collaboration, and activities in the classroom to develop content expertise (Gillespie, 2016; Hart, 2017). After first hand observation of learner disengagement with traditional lectures, we developed numerous new teaching strategies to promote active learning and improved content retention. Interactive games such as Solid Tumor Pictionary and BMT Bingo validate learner knowledge and encourage team collaboration. The use of whiteboard drawing and memory associations provide practical solutions to remembering complex processes and information. Evaluations demonstrate nurses not only achieve higher levels of understanding but also apply content at the bedside to improve patient safety and outcomes.