Chelsie Justice, BSN RN CPNP CPHON®Nurse Practitioner

Chelsie has been working in the Pedi Hem/Onc field for over 28 years. She was a bedside nurse for 17 of those years and have been a PNP since 2007. Chelsie has worked with Pedi BMT patients and Pedi Hem/Once patients as a PNP. In 2012 Chelsie graduated with my Doctorate of Nursing Practice. She has been interested in the re-immunization of patients after chemotherapy since starting in my PNP practice.

Starting in 2012, her clinic uses a re-immunization schedule, and she presented her DNP project to give cancer survivors vaccines after their treatment is completed. Chelsie has been active in her local APHON chapter over the last 20 years. She has been involved in planning their annual conferences and has presented various topics over the years. Chelsie is very interested in helping colleagues keep current on Pedi Hem/Onc/BMT therapy.

What To Expect After Earning a Doctoral Degree in Nursing: An Interactive Workshop to Facilitate Your Success (003)
Roundtable Discussion: Evidence-Based Practice Projects (RT4)
Pediatric Specialists of Texas; Children's Cancer and Blood Center, Methodist Children's Hospital
San Antonio, Texas