Alexandra Suttman, MS CGCGenetic Counselor, Instructor

Alexandra is a certified genetic counselor and instructor specializing in pediatric hematology and oncology at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She has specific clinical expertise in cancer predisposition, oncology, polyposis, bone marrow failure, and immunohematology hereditary conditions. In addition, she has published work in adult hereditary oncology as well as pediatric oncology.

Her active areas of research are focused on psychosocial aspects of genetic testing among the pediatric sarcoma population, as well as the evaluation of different models in delivering genetic services. Alexandra graduated with her master's degree in genetic counseling from The Ohio State University and is an active member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, the Cancer Special Interest Group, and the Pediatric Oncology subcommittee.

Pediatric Cancer Predisposition: What the Clinician Needs to Know (206)
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado